Friday, June 15, 2012

Three things to think of when someone offends you and when you really dont deserve it

1. An elephant always avoids the pig
Consider this: Elephants are clean animals and pigs are dirty animals.. So when pigs come towards elephant, the big animal tries to avoid it by moving away from it... Similarly think of urself as an elephant and AVOID THE PIG.

2. Dogs always bark at the sun or moving cars
Dogs can never shine like sun or move fast like cars, and so they feel inferior and bark.... Think you are the sun or a moving car and be happy :) I know thinking of the other person as dog can make you happier....

3. If you throw a stone in dirty water its ur clothes that get stained
When you react when someone offends you it just means you are inviting more trouble. It is just like throwing stone in dirty water.... The water splashes on you only....

So think of these things and make yourself happy :)

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